If you would agree with me, ‘packaging protects what it sells and sells what it protects’. This statement is not only true but has an extension into what determines decision making from customers, who have variety of choices on their shopping shelves, and eventually go for one. What could be the leading responsibility of this conclusion in choice making? If you would ask me, it is the psychology hidden in the makeup of such product that caught both the eyes and the mind.

Many things come into play when customers are faced with cognitive process of making purchase decision. And to ease this process, since most consumers are often caught in confusion, you could help them move to your side with your packaging.

Here are some packaging psychology tricks and tips for product packaging in 2018 that have been psychological and research proven:

  • Know and Use your Packaging as the Stimulus: Basically, you are expected to psychologically use your brand packaging as a stimulus to earn their money, hence; the need to also deliver a great product content, in order to retain their trust. Here, you have to identify and understand that your packaging is a messenger to your customers’ cognitive system.


  • Packaging Messaging Content: When you are making up the contents on your packaging, you need to understand that some contents are expected to be conspicuous than some. To simply put, details like what your product is for and what brand is behind it, are expected to be bold enough to answer customer’s query at first sight. Others like ingredients, nutrition, or location of manufacturing could take other less conspicuous parts of the packaging. This is highly important with B2B Industrial Packaging.


  • Typography or Texting: Asides the fact that it gets customers irritated, having errors in your packaging content could render you as a brand substandard. Majorly, typography here represents the selection of fonts in the design of your brand packaging design. Where you are expected to use fonts that showcase headlines appropriately, you are not expected to use fancy fonts for the fun of it. Let your fonts convey the meaning of your product and also represent your brand. Legibility is also key; it simply represents the beauty in the simplicity of your brand.


  • Shape: Uniqueness is the aim here. Just that in the pursuit of being different, you should not be absurd. Do not be engulfed in the fear to be unique in shape but also consider the its environmental responsibility as well as its aesthetic approach. When involved with a beauty packaging, most often, you are to target women. You are expected to come in a curvy appearance than edgy or rectangular shapes. Asides that curves infused in packaging appeals to the sense of ownership, edgy or sharp shapes are considered dangerous. This applies to mostly bottled packaging.


  • Touch or Tactile Feature: Let your desired packaging reflect the product itself. Having a gold platted packaging for a product that is considered luxurious would be a perfect match. If you are into natural products, using packages that reflect artificiality would in firsthand negate your intention, hence; you are expected to consider earthy, raw texture for such packaging. When you represent your product with the right texture packaging, you are simply giving your consumers an awesome tactile experience that represents your product and brand.


  • Color Selection: Intrinsically, colors are constantly related to various emotions. For instance, if you are into production of products that represent tranquility and peace in the body system, using red to major in your design is a capital NO. You are rather expected to used white or silver, which represent sublimity. So, you are expected to understand each color. And it also helps when engaging in brand product packaging to infuse the colors in your logo in the process. Let your colors be vibrant, inviting and eye-catching unique colors.


  • Human Angle: You need to be practical in your brand packaging, in order words, clever packaging. You need to know that your designs are expected to function in real world. You should understand that your product is exposed to transportation, storage and in some cases dispose the packaging without bringing inconveniences. To simply put, you need to understand that your sales could be affected if your packaging is overly wasteful or is made from products that are non-recyclable.


The psychology behind packaging should never be undermined and by now you should be a expert behind packaging psychology. No matter your industry, these tips and tricks will pertain to any product that involves packaging. A creative approach will not only enhance your packaging presence, but it will also differentiate you from competing products.


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