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Experts In Commercial Printing

We can print any type of job. Starting with traditional print materials such as: Business cards, greeting cards, door hangers, postcards, labels, and so much more. We also provide our clients with large format posters, car magnets, outdoor banners/indoor banners, trade show stands, and so on. Your only job is to let us know the quantity you need and how fast you need it. We provide a complete office package such as Business Cards, Stamps, Envelopes, Notepads, Flyers, Brochures, Sales Kits, Promotional items, and more. We offer the most competitive pricing in South Florida. You are guaranteed to save money on your first and future orders. Please don’t hesitate to call our dedicated customer service team to further assist you with any questions or quotes you might need. Or visit our Ecommerce site to order all of your printing needs directly online.

Web Design

Design and Develop of a websites using a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc that will allow the client to promote or sell their product or service and establish online presence. The development and design process includes but is not limited to: local demographics and customer competition analysis, online benchmarking, and opportunity to establish the Blue Ocean Strategy. The selection of templates, colors, fonts and all pertinent design elements is coordinated with client to guarantees a positive user experience and the ease of use for visitors to reduce any learning curve when visiting the web page.

Based on client needs, the website can be translated in any language and all design will be responsive, guaranteeing adjustability to any device either mobile or computer display. Another important aspect to mention when we design and develop a website, is the amount of security and encryption we apply to each project. It is important to know that without customer and order security, all the information involving a transaction is out in the open, this is why we follow a strict protocol to secure your website, your customer information, and everything involved in the transaction.

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Choosing a shopping cart platform is one of the most important aspects of ecommerce, and knowing exactly what you need is part of the initial meeting we have with our clients. Having extensive expertise on Magento, Shopify, CS-Cart, and Woocommerce allow us to select the best platform for your business, even if you have 1000 SKUs in your store. This process also requires the client to open a merchant account such as Stripe,, Shopify, or client’s current merchant service to be connected online. We can also assist in the creation of UPS and FEDex account along with the online merchant selected by the client. As mention before, any web design and development it is important to protect all transaction information to avoid hackers and security breaches that will result in bad user experience. We follow a strict protocol to secure your website, your customer information, and everything involved in the transaction.

Web Management and Hosting

We can reduce the cost of your hosting plan and monthly maintenance by 10% of what you are currently paying. Part of our client maintenance plan includes but is not limited to updating images, changing text, writing content, create new pages, update social media and more.


We have managed websites and hosting since 2010 and our client’s return rate is 87%. Let us help you with your website needs which also include tracking and monthly reports so you can focus on what you do best, manage and promote your brand to your customers.

  • Updates
  • Statistics
  • Email Hosting
  • Free Domain
  • Market Studies
  • Action Plan Schedule
  • Tracking
  • Blue Ocean Strategy

Digital Marketing & Advertising

By combining advertising strategies and using all the correct outlets to target your audience, we can increase exposure of your company and bring an extra % to your net profits. Other companies just do things for your business, such as print, web, graphic design, and so forth. The difference between them and the services we provide is that we track, we follow up, we test different advertising venues and repeat the ones that work for your business. Launching a strong marketing campaign will not only propel a new source of income but also sustain the extra cash to pay for it.

Our initial consultation covers a market study of your target audience and demographics, potential events to attend, a strict calendar of action items to follow, several advertising venues with their respective budget, tracking methods, directory of resources, and a short and long term marketing strategy to continue the efforts selected. Some of the efforts we have use in the past: Movie Theater ads, Bench ads, Radio, Magazine ads, Social Media and Blog Banners, Email Blast, YouTube viral videos, Church Newsletter ads, Mobile Network ads, Local flyers. Depending on your product or service, a local or national venue will be used to target your audience.

Analytics & Tracking

Proven statistics is what have made our clients keep coming back. Every effort, every campaign, every email sent, can be tracked and added to a monthly report. Know exactly who open, who clicked, how long they stayed, and optimize your future campaigns to maximize reachability and minimize cost. Knowing your customers behavior helps future efforts to be more efficient. Eventually, you can convert all your customers into newsletters subscribers and monetize into a subscription base service.


Another service included in this package is the Website Grading, which analyses your current site and points outs opportunity spots. Together with a sitemap and automated files to index your site in search engines, it makes it an indispensable to have.

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Content Writing & Blogging

The most important part of a website it’s its content, this is what will bring more traffic and repeated visitors to your website, therefore it is crucial to have relevant and informative content that gives the user exactly what they are looking for. With millions of websites in the World Wide Web, visitors won’t spend too much time looking for what they originally search for; this is why our content writers are trained to write informative trending content. Our copy is written to create trust in your visitors, to educate them, and to provide trending information that help your website rank higher in search engines.


We recommend a minimum of 2 articles per week to enrich the content of your blog, and to improve the discoverability of your company. Whatever the topic is, our benchmark process will satisfy the needs of your visitors and keep the traffic to your website increase exponentially.


Search engine optimization and search engine marketing are valuable services that will help your content and web pages to work efficient and together. The content of your site refers to product or services, but it is important to including trending and optimize keywords that will help search engines identify and connect visitors with your website. Combining a Google Adword campaign with, SEO effort will maximize exposure and guarantee high rank in search engines. Keyword research is the first and most important process when designing a website.


Having a defined list of targeted keywords together with a Pay-per-Click campaign will ensure high discoverability of your content and products. We accomplish this by using a unique process that helps find the most affordable keywords for your site.

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Social Media Management

We can manage and engage your followers throughout all your social media venues, from creating a Facebook company page, a customized corporate Twitter account, redesign a LinkedIn profile, write a script or your YouTube gallery, and more. Having a social media community is extremely important when it comes to branding, which allow each visitor to become a marketer for your brand. The power of word of mothy is until today the best marketing, and this is what we do when you let us manage your social media accounts. Engage, promote, escalate, and repeated. Our proven formula has brought thousands of dollars to our current clients. Included in this package are monthly reports, click and sharing analytics, and 2 weekly posts on any or all-social media venues. We cover Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+. Each effort will require granted access from client and approval of all artwork posted. We also provide consulting for paid campaigns and target audience based on demographics.

Email Marketing

When you provide a member benefit, a value of being your customer, a coupon, or important news about your brand, you are guaranteeing word of mouth. Let your customers become brand ambassadors by following up with coupons, weekly newsletters, or monthly news. Keep your email marketing bringing recurring business. We use several online tools including reports and tracking for each campaign we design for you, analytics and click rates, which helps optimize future campaigns. Try your first campaign with us and you will come back for more.

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  • Increase Clientele
  • Newsletter Subscriptions
  • Responsive
  • Movie Theaters
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  • Shareable
  • Viral

Video Marketing

Have you ever sat in a movie theater and watched those commercials before the movie starts? Or have you received a video over What sap or Facebook that has gone viral? We can do this for you. Our process includes analysis of your brand, benchmark of competitors, and studying the type of audience you are targeting your video campaign to. We can help you write a script, and post it in all your social media. From a service and a product, to a website or a mobile app, you name the effort, we can make it happen.

Graphic Design

Picking the perfect color, the best font, and the right slogan, is one of the most important decisions when starting a company. With over 15 years of design experience we guarantee a masterpiece. Together with web design, we specialize in graphics and corporate identity. We can design a stunning logo, an impacting business card, stationary for multiple locations, mail-out flyers, billboards, poster events, product catalogs, company brochures, and more. Our graphic designers have a keen eye for colors and style and our draft and sketch process will guarantee the selection in the first round.

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  • Corporate Identity
  • Branding
  • Perception
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  • Monetization
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Mobile Apps

We specialize in iOS and Android apps. It is important to know the market of your idea, and how to monetize your creation. Our team of designers has put together a formula for success. They start by wire framing the entire application, then screen benchmarking in both stores. After analyzing competition and improving existing flaws, a timeline is developing taking in consideration: marketing strategies, social media promotions, and testing for bugs. The entire process is broken down into several stages and then assigned to a team for execution. Once the app is completed, a demo is provided in order to start testing in different devices. After the client gives the OK, we proceed to upload to both Stores and publish the app for the entire world to download.

Software Development

If you have a particular need for your business and none of the white label systems satisfy your needs, we can build custom solutions for your customers and providers. By relying on custom software for your business you can enhance and track how customers use and see your services, providing valuable information about their behavior which later can be translated into efficient marketing efforts.

  • Analysis
  • Benchmark
  • Custom Development
  • Testing