The chase for relevance between businesses, and majorly, small businesses this time, could be compared to a marathon race; those who are consistent and could persevere would get to the finish line. Just that in business, except one has reached the decline stage (which could even lead to rebranding), there is no finish line, you have to keep moving.

2018 has come with its own demands from small business owners. The leading request, which is to be visible, active and relevant online, should be a pertinent concern of every business owner. Like every other year, 2018 has something for small businesses. Therefore, to keep a productive online presence in 2019 as a small business owner, and to stay ahead of your game in blogging in 2019, these are useful tips on how to create the most powerful online presence in 2019:

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Own your Space Online and Build a Unified Image: Before technology came and when it arrived, there is a particular way to be identified amidst similar businesses; it is called Branding. This starts with defining your kind of business (sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, etc.), registering your business name with licensing offices, getting a unique logo, etc. These procedures haven’t changed, just have been improved.


Today, to have a powerful online presence, you need to get your website and domain name registered and designed appropriately for both desktop and mobile versions. Likewise, open and register your business on all major social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc.) In doing this, you have to spread the same name, logo, designs, if possible fonts in designs, descriptions, etc., across all these platforms. Don’t make the mistake of using what comes to mind at each point, have a structured content for every of your appearance. Customers and consumers want to see your regularity; it speaks of your credibility. There are brand builders like Elan Brand Builders online that could handle this for you without stress.


  • Email Culture and Content Development: To be seen as a professional and a serious-minded business in 2018, you have to take everything possible professional. Using a personal email address like ( is a slap on your face as a business owner. For relevance and high presence, you are expected to use email address attached to your domain name, like ( It is an advanced level of branding. It makes you stand out amidst your peers.


Likewise, as it is important to have a significant email address, your content development must at all times be error free. Blogging in 2018 requires a dose of perfectness and finesse. When you write on your website or blog, double check and re-check. It is then advisable to use software like Grammarly; it helps with advanced error vetting in your content. When you have errors on your website and blog, it speaks of your personality and the image of your business. A well-edited content enhances the good perception of your business online.


  • Keep your Online Response and Activeness on a High: Having a comment or review session on your blog, website or social media platforms needs you to be highly active and responsive. You could pick days of the week that would be separated for answering comments or replying reviews. Keep this consistently going. Nobody deals with a Social Media page that is set public but is dormant without activities. For websites and blogs, you could use Google Alerts or Yelp, to get notifications every time your business is mentioned anywhere online. This will help your ranking online in 2018.


  • Ensure Accurate Local Listings and Updated Website Information: While developing your 2018 budget marketing as a small business, you need to ensure website maintenance and Off-page marketing like listings are included. When these have been included, you are left with ensuring on your local listings that all the necessary information there are correct and updated, likewise your website information. You may set up a Google Calendar to major dates of different months to review your website content. All these are sending a psychological message to your prospects and customers that you are serious with your business.


  • Ensure Quality Images on Website and Social Media: We are in the time of more visuals than text. You can’t afford the debasement that comes with poor images littered around your website, blog or social media pages. You do not necessarily need to get photographers; you only need to ensure bespoke quality each time you want to use images.


  • Let you Website Be Mobile Responsive: Statistics show that more than 70% of internet users access it through their mobile platforms. Likewise, Google is giving more preference to mobile-responsive websites. If you have a website as a small business owner and it is not mobile-responsive, you are only sending your prospects and customers away.

As a business owner, let these 2019 online marketing strategies be the mantra that keeps you going; they will lead you to the most powerful online presence that you have ever witnessed.