5 Effective Business Card Marketing Tips

Branding yourself as a small business owner or a personality under a big firm, goes beyond the looks at corporate events or dinners, it is also a makeup of what we combine on a seeming puny brochure we hand over to people after the “how do you do?” on first meeting; our business card.

Why we get to have more of these tiny cards around us or give out more and they seem not to serve their purposes is not far-fetched, it is because we have failed to add these tiny image carriers to our marketing plans and strategy. This is a wakeup call to every business owner or corporate personnel to use business cards as a source of marketing yourself.

Before we discuss an outline of 5 effective business card marketing tips we have for you, it is very important to know the PR benefits into what a business card means:

  • Every single piece of your business card stands as your mirror image i.e. you get to have the first impression from people through your business card.
  • A business card stands as your first portal or business site that carries attracting details about you and your business.
  • It also works the work of a Customer Relations to an extent by answering few Q&A’s that your acquaintances might likely pose to you.

Now that we are aware of the above, here are the five helping tips to effective use of your business card as a marketing tool:

  1. Attach a purpose to your card and track it: Just the usual details of name, position and address is not enough. Bring out a bookmark off your business card. There are other things like designing a note card along with it, scratch card or sticker, or even an event ticket. Let your business card spark up a conversation even after you are gone. After this, you would also want to know what has communicated with it or not, hence; the need to engrave something like a QR code or SKU. How does this work? You may attach a coupon code to the code or even discounts to it for visiting your website. This step automatically allows you to track the effectiveness of your business card.


  1. Connect with people’s intellect with your card: Another business card marketing tip is to challenge people with it. With a short brain teaser that relates with your business, like “A man takes his car to a hotel. Upon reaching the hotel, he is immediately declared bankrupt. Why?” Such would definitely trigger talks on financial protection. It is all about leaving a strong impression while you market yourself.


  1. Use testimonials to earn credibility:One way or another, you must have worked with someone that passed an awesome comment about your delivery or service. And because testimonies are effective appeals, it goes a long way. Attach the link to someone’s comment about your business on your business card and if it is short and communicative, you may add it directly.


  1. Extend your picture profile to your business card: Attaching a face as the holder on your business card works out a perfect remembrance of the memories of meetings with those you have handed over your business card to. It transcends just holding a card but immediately separates you among confusing competitors.


  1. Identify with a cause and handover strategically: Supporting a cause with just a segment stating something like “Proud supporters of GiveDirectly”. This presents the humanitarian side of your business and briefly introduces your CSR.


While all this could be outstanding, it is nice to handover your business card strategically. You may start up a conversation with it especially you are capable of answering the person’s needs or share the same interests or hobbies with him or her.

All these business card marketing tips are part of what guide our operations at Elan Brand Builders. Talk to us today, and let us bring out the best in your business card!